Spring Reset

Spring Reset
Springtime is finally upon us bringing with it all the “spring refresh/reset” vibes. Driving us full force into freshening up our space, from home decor all the way to our closets. But I want you to bring that energy to your kitchen & hone in on it w/ that same spring  “reset” theme. Let’s first examine the fridge & pantry, the snack shelf or cabinet, etc. Take a look at your own kitchen, what kind of food do you have in there?
Begin your evaluation as follows:
-Can you make healthy meals from the ingredients that you have on hand at the moment? -Do you know whether that specific food item that you usually go for is healthy or if it’s processed? Is there a healthier alternative? -What about expiration dates?
Then start with the sifting through process & determine what needs to go & what you will decide to keep. An expired item will be thrown out, but there might be items that you no longer want to keep in the house even if their expiration date is still far..those will be the items to eliminate from your fridge/pantry & will possibly replace with better options.
The 3rd & last step is to go shopping for the food items that are currently missing from your Fridge/Pantry, this will make it much easier for you to prep healthier meals or have healthier snack options on hand at home. Go all out..Springify your kitchen & hit ReSeT on your Fridge/Pantry!!

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