With 💘Valentine’s Day around the corner..let’s talk relationships, I mean real intimate relationships…& what’s more intimate than your relationship to food & how you see your body! What you choose to eat on a daily basis & how you talk to yourself…is it a space that’s associated with shame or embarrassment, rejection & unacceptance? Or is it an accepting environment where you can exist fully & comfortably?..feeling your best in your own skin or in this case your body regardless of the shape or size it’s in. 
Let’s be clear this is a very common issue many men & women struggle with equally, it could start as early as adolescence & can happen any time later on in life. I’m very well aware that I’m discussing a very sensitive & often private topic, but what if I told you that you can fix your relationship w/ food & your perceived body image. Because if you haven’t noticed it yet..our eating habits & how we see our bodies has a lot to do with our mindset & I can promise you that with my help we will work together to reframe that mindset of yours & heal your relationship towards food, dieting, how you see your body, how you see YOU (non reliant on body shape or size) & ultimately how you take care & nourish yourself. So take some time to think about it..what & how are you feeding both ur body & mind🧘🏻‍♀️
** You owe it to YOU!! to step away from the negative self talk & the self sabotage & go in the direction of fixing your relationship with YOU! Learn to “Love” yourself enough coz when it comes down to it how you treat yourself sets the tone for any other relationship you will ever have