Client Testimonials

Here’s what previous clients said about their experience with Nutritious Solutions...

Haidy helped change my perspective about food, she helped me not only lose weight, but learn to make good choices and focus on my well being and build healthy habits, she is very thorough, took her time, listened to me and customized my diet to something that fits my life style and my appetite. I highly recommend her ❤️
~ Lucy
If you want to fix your relationship with food for good, if your goal is to eat better and actually start using natural food to enhance your diet or work on improving your health in general…you are in the right place! Before working with Nutritious Solutions I had no clue how much of an impact nutrition had over my health, and was completely oblivious to my eating habits or what my usual patterns were when it comes to food. It’s refreshing to see health advice given to men that’s out side of the usual “add whey protein/ protein to your diet” loop, Thank you for all the nutritious advice Haidy😉
~ Tamer
All my life I was very skeptical about dieting and nutrition, I used to think it is just a luxury for people who have nothing better to do with their lives. Until unfortunately I developed a medical condition that required a major change in my eating habits, I worked with 2-3 dietitians but I always felt restricted and it felt like an additional chore, sometimes also felt like a punishment! However in working with Haidy, I was surprised by how patient she is, she explained to me what is needed for my condition and helped me create a list of different options that I like and can easily prepare, also in following up she was patient and encouraged me to get back on track, I'm really happy I worked with her and I can say that my life changed and now I feel better than ever.
~ Ahmed
If you are just fed up with yo-yo dieting, experimented with several trendy diets but still see no results not even a slight change. I highly recommend you go for Nutritious Solutions, and that’s for many reasons #1 being that Haidy will hold you accountable and keep you on track, if you think you can dodge yourself out of doing the actual work to get the results you want…think again, that’s not her style! “Consistent effort = Sustainable results” this was one of the things she said during our sessions that I will never forget! #2 If you don’t want to waste time anymore and you are ready to really change your lifestyle then Nutritious Solutions is your best option! No easy hacks just real work to get real results, you will love working with Haidy for that reason. I’m proud of myself for the results I achieved, but that wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the guidance and support I received along the way. I’m truly thankful!!! 😇
~ Vanessa
She is amazing. She pushed me to keep up with my goals but without making me feel any pressure. Very knowledgeable and patient. She created a whole plan that's suitable for me, my lifestyle and my day to day schedule. Thank you Haidy 🥰
~ Marian
Haidy was super cool and very flexible and I really appreciated that about her the most, she asked detailed and thorough questions to have a real understanding of my goals. I'm a very picky eater and don't eat most things, she was really creative in giving me options and alternatives to things I could eat. I enjoyed also that she helped me understand the concepts of healthy eating so I don't drive myself crazy or feel deprived. it was a pleasure to work with her.
~ Karim