What is a Dietitian & When do I need to consult one?

What exactly is a Dietitian?
A question I get all the time, allow me to answer once and for all. A Dietitian is an accredited nutrition specialist meaning that that they have the educational background along with the professional requirements to answer all your nutrition and weight related inquiries!
”I thought that’s what a Nutritionist does”  
Yes and you are not alone in thinking that, but here’s the difference anyone and I repeat anyone can call themselves a “Nutritionist” there are no regulations on using this title, so whether you have the educational/professional background or not you can easily call yourself a “Nutritionist” and the same goes for “Health Coaches” they may or may not have the needed nutrition education to provide sound advice to people. Only a Dietitian has the most encompassing education in terms of health and nutrition, and this makes them the only professionals that can provide accurate nutrition information for all people. A Dietitian may choose to add the word Nutritionist (Dietitian/Nutritionist) next to their title to make it easy for people to find them when seeking help, but a nutritionist can’t call themselves a Dietitian (its actually against the law to do so), and that’s how you distinguish a real specialist from anyone trying to sound like a professional. Now that we have that cleared…check out the attached points to help you figure out exactly how a Dietitian can help you wherever you are on your health journey!

Here’s how a Dietitian can help…

A few pointers to keep in mind:


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