Vitamin Sea

Vitamin Sea  

…it’s officially beach season!! & what comes to mind when you hear the word “SEA”?
we immediately think: Water, Sand  & of course the Sun & yes sunburns too
let’s focus on The SUN, wait a sec what does that have to do with nutrition?!  (I’m getting to it..keep reading to find out)
The Sun is nature’s original source of Vitamin D, it uplifts us, gives us energy, provides warmth, & does so much more..Ok if it’s really that good for us so why does it cause harm? Because just like with any other thing if you go overboard, it turns into a curse rather than a blessing & the “Sun” is no different. But what if there’s something you can do to protect yourself from sunburns\sun damage other than just putting on SPF, yep you guessed it that’s were the nutrition aspect comes in!!!
So let’s get into it, one way to protect your skin from sun damage or harmful UV rays is to make sure you are well supplied with Vitamin C (that’s C not Sea 😉) not just in your skincare (as I’m sure you’re already aware of the hype vitamin C has in skincare) but through food as well, in fact food should actually be your first source of protection! Vitamin C is an antioxidant mainly known for its cell renewal properties which helps with skin regeneration, which automatically makes it crucial during the summer season. You will also need the help of Vitamin E (being that it’s also an antioxidant) to combat the damage caused by the sun. Another important source to include for support is healthy fats (specifically omega 3 & 9), because they provide the skin with certain needed nutrients to keep its elasticity & shape in tact.
Alright so how do we do that?
Simple, during the summertime & especially the days where you’re spending most of your time outdoors in direct contact with the sun make sure to eat foods high in vitamin C, E, healthy fats, & to stay well hydrated!
**(food sources are listed below – be sure to check them)**
Think of this as your SPF from within then go ahead apply a layer of sunscreen to your skin as an outer layer of protection. This way you’re not just outwardly taking care of your skin but you’re giving it the nourishment that it needs from within for it to look flawless & be effectively shielded from external damage. You can finally enjoy your time out in the sun without being preoccupied with its harmful effects, try to get 15-30 mins of sun exposure daily either early in the morning or towards the end of the day when the UV rays are low & that’s usually before 10 AM or after 4 PM.
Now that you’re well SPFed from the inside as well as the outside you’re ready to…
Dive into all the summer fun 🙂

*Note on Supplementation: if you are currently taking a Vitamin D supplement don’t stop taking it now just cause the summer season is here, because if you are currently deficient or had a deficiency prior you will most likely become deficient again when summer is over (if not before) & that’s if you’re lucky!
-if you have any additional questions regarding supplements just send a DM & we can discuss it further-

**FOOD Sources:
•Vitamin C: kiwi , strawberry , blueberries , cherries, pomegranate, citrus fruits, leafy greens, beets, matcha
•Foods high in healthy fat: avocado, salmon, sardines, eggs , olives, dairy products
•Vitamin E: almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, avocado, salmon, mango, red pepper, asparagus, broccoli
•& last but certainly not least hydrate consistently  water is your summer long best buddy! (remember you can also eat your water, think cucumber & watermelon)

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