Making Time for it!

Regardless what your “it” might be, there’s one thing you should know:
*It Requires Time!!*
But wait it’s a bit more complicated, there’s more than just the time you spend doing it and in my opinion that’s the most important part. The time you schedule out to prep and plan for whatever it is you want to do.
So it’s kind of a 3 phase process:
1) Time to plan out
2) Time to prep & get ready
3) Time to actually get it done
All of these components are part of the effort you put in into a certain thing, but not only that it also motivates you and preps your mind easing you into the process, which will lead to a much more successful outcome.
Your “it” might be improving your overall health or dieting or starting to exercise, but without you making time or putting in the effort all it will ever be is only a “wish” that needs magic to turn into a reality!

For anything to be accomplished in life it needs work and work requires time and dedication, for example if you want to eat better then you must put in time to shop for healthier options, also time to go through what you already have and making a judgement call on what to keep and what to eliminate. You need to spend some time gathering info on what food items you should get instead. If you struggle with having healthy meals that are ready to eat during your work week, then you know that you need to set a time aside to meal prep and for cooking for the week ahead. If your “it” is exercise then you know that you must plan before you delve straight into working out. For instance some things to consider are: Do I have workout clothes? Will I go to a gym/ what about membership? or will I workout at home and if so do I have a space I can designate to exercising? Do I need any equipment? What time of day and how many days per week & how long will my workout be? How will I track my results?
Surprised?! This is why planning is crucial it makes you think about every aspect. Before your first workout, you need to set aside a certain time slot which you will use to sit down and answer these questions & efficiently plan the workout routine that suits you.

The process will be the same for anything you are embarking on be it learning a new language or taking a new course, starting a business or having a side job, all of these have one factor in common “making time for it” in your schedule! And that includes both time for planning and time for execution/action. If you don’t factor in the time needed to do all of these steps you might find yourself discouraged because you couldn’t start on the right foot & that’s because you didn’t effectively plan to achieve your goal and so you give up because it’s not going as you anticipated or the results you expected are no where to be found! But hold on a second, before you jump & point the finger & blame the diet or the exercise and claim that they don’t work or that the course is too hard or I failed at starting a business and its clearly not my thing…STOP & assess and be ready to truly hold yourself accountable

“ Did I put in the time to plan & organize? “
“ Did I stick to the routine I chose to follow and how consistent was I really? ”

You will be surprised to find out that all this time it was really you who either didn’t put in enough time or weren’t as dedicated as you thought you were or simply that you are dedicated and have the time but didn’t plan correctly. To make a wish come true it needs both time and a plan in order to turn into a reality, think of it like a recipe you need to get the right ingredients and use the correct measurements and follow the cooking instructions so that the final product tastes good in the end. As simple as it sounds making time and planning efficiently are the only ingredients needed for the recipe of success!

Use this upcoming New Year as an opportunity to start right and change your habits (now that you know your patterns). Make a resolution and follow it through to put in the time needed to achieve your goals whatever they are & to take full responsibility for your shortcomings and try to fix them as you go and keep on improving slowly but surely. Because we all know life happens and at times comes in the way but if we always take time out to plan and reorganize our life we will get back on track again, all we need to do is block out an hour or 2 a week to come up with a new plan that works with our new schedule or lifestyle and that will help us to ultimately achieve our “it”.
Tweaking as we go….

**Remember it’s not only about being consistent but in equal parts your willingness to restart as many times as it takes, rather than giving up on yourself and calling it a day…Be Flexible but stay Focused!

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  2. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article! Its the little changes which will make the greatest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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