Introducing Nutrify Services…our mission is to “Nutrify” not just merely “Beautify”

Want to learn how to nourish your skin, hair, and nails through nutrition first & for most instead of relying on treatments/tweakments or even supplements that claim to give great results. Enhance what’s naturally yours, fortify it with the nutrients it needs through proper nutrition & fuel your way to nourished skin, hair, nails..achieve that healthy & nourished beautiful glow or as I like to call it a “Nutritious Glow” …our Nutrify Services is your gateway to that glowing from within effect!

So while our main focus with this service is on Nutrition as the #1 intervention, but to provide you with a more extensive experience we can curate a sample skincare/haircare routine especially just for you & your unique skin/hair type along with product recommendations & ingredients evaluation specific to your needs or concerns

But wait there’s more…we also provide “Nutrition for the Soul”, with the help of nutrition you can elevate your state of mind and reach a higher level of Selfcare..which is why I created Nutrify Selfcare, whether you want to know how to stay afloat during times of stress or just learn better ways of navigating your day to day ebbs & flows, Nutrify Selfcare is your answer!

(all resources provided are backed up by the latest research in the fields of Nutrition & Dermatology)

Our Nutrify Services includes 4 categories

Nutrify Skin

(this service has two subcategories: Nutrify “Skin Health” and Nutrify “Skincare”)

◆ Nutrify Skincare

Focuses on skin health in general & building a skincare routine specific to your skin type (normal, dry, oily, combo) & needs as well as any concerns (acne prone, pigmentation, etc). What’s provided? Nutrition for healthy skin, setting up a skincare routine that suits your needs, product recommendation or if you have your own, you can opt for a product evaluation instead, need help choosing active ingredients a guide or evaluation are available upon request. If you have specific concerns that you would like to address we can stack them as add-ons to your bundle.

◆ Nutrify Skin Health

This service is specifically for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis/allergic skin reactions to food (due to food allergies). What’s included? Nutrition tips for managing flare ups & a trigger food list, in addition to tips on how to avoid future recurrence. What to do & what not to do during these phases as well as a Product Recommendation Guide as some products or specific ingredients worsen the condition. Again you can pick & choose which to include or omit

  Nutrify Hair
This service includes: Nutrition for healthy strong hair, supplement recommendation & tips for hair thinning, shedding, hair loss, hair transplants, scalp health & more. Product recommendations specific to your hair type (straight, wavy, curly, oily vs dry scalp etc) along with a “how to” usage guide can be provided upon request!
Nutrify Self Care

(this service has two subcategories: Nutrify “Zen” & Nutrify “self care”)

◆ Nutrify Self Care

This service is for my Gurus out there, those who have “mastered their chi” (in the words of kung fu panda). This is for the pros that outgrew the idea that Selfcare is just an elaborate pamper/ beauty routine or spa day, they know that it’s more than just a facial or a hair or face mask. Those who are ready to dive into what real self care is all about & those of us who want to work on achieving a deeper level of self care. Self care relies on your daily lifestyle rituals, your habits & coping mechanisms, what you do on the daily. If you are ready to elevate your wellbeing & get to know how to truly take care of yourself, this is your go to selection. We will be talking nutrition & psychology (my fav mix), new ritual/habit formation, breaking old ones, working around thought patterns, hobby formation if needed, & so much more. This is not for the faint of heart…we are talking real deep lifestyle tweaks here.


◆ Nutrify Zen

This service is for my “Busy Bees” those of us running around all day one task after the other after the other non stop..until we are maxed out & drained of all energy. Stop running on zero & let’s focus on stress management & recovering from burnout. Want to work on maintaining your balance & sanity when busy or when dealing with stressful events, be it living with a chronic illness or possibly a mental health issue/condition, then it’s time you fed your inner zen & address the root of the issue. Nutrition plays a huge role in managing our stress hormones & helping alleviate our state of mind. We will work together to navigate through your stress and burnout state, nutritional tips & lifestyle recommendations to follow will be provided. As well as supplementation recommendations if needed in your case. This service will help you shift back to living at a slower pace & stop bitting more than you can chew…a peaceful state of mind is attainable, let’s fuel your inner zen with Nutrify “Zen"

Nutrify Nails

Nail care through nutrition in addition to supplement recommendation, includes general nail care tips as well. A complete Hand and/or Foot care routine can be included upon request!

All services are completely customizable, you can mix & match based on your needs, you can get a single service or sub service or you can stack more than one & turn it into an individualized bundle of your choice..a la carte style!
Needless to say that all of our services are for both Men & Women, everyone is welcome to try our services.
Go wild with your selection, I’m all for it !