Meet your Dietitian ​

Welcome My name is Haidy Youssef   I’m a Licensed Dietitian based in New York. I graduated from Brooklyn College in 2017 with a B.S. in Health & Nutrition Sciences – Dietetics Concentration. I’m a strong advocate for nutrition and an even stronger believer in the uncountable positive effects it has on our health, which is a fact many of us overlook or tend to ignore. I believe that nutrition has the power to lead you to the healthiest version of yourself, all you have to do is be willing to apply the needed diet and lifestyle changes to put your foot on the first step of the ladder to well-being and optimized health. And lucky for you, I can help you get there! Our approaches are solely reliant on scientific evidence-based information and interventions, the last thing we want to do is provide you with misinformation.

There’s plenty of that already on the internet! Remember our approach is all about creating a lifestyle, not a short-term diet plan! I help you build the healthy habits needed to give you sustainable results for the long run (so long as you are committed and consistent). Lastly and most importantly, I want you to rest assured knowing that all of our Solutions are Nutritious!
I cannot wait for us to start embarking on this new amazing journey of yours towards a Healthy and Nutritious Balanced Life…so whenever you are ready just reach out and let the up-leveling begin!

At Nutritious Solutions - "Here we Create Healthier Lives".

– Haidy Youssef, CDN